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3D Ice Cream by schattenman005 3D Ice Cream :iconschattenman005:schattenman005 0 0 Joker's Dairy Emergency by schattenman005 Joker's Dairy Emergency :iconschattenman005:schattenman005 2 0 Atlas's Champion: Penny Polendina by schattenman005 Atlas's Champion: Penny Polendina :iconschattenman005:schattenman005 9 0 Elucidator by schattenman005 Elucidator :iconschattenman005:schattenman005 2 0
Team SYRA Chapter 11: Crossing Lines
Hands bound by handcuffs, Ragla and Yulon walked while led by several goons, the AK 130’s, and lumbering Kirov Clunkers. Trekking past the dark allies of buildings, the group made their way to the aircraft.
The leather-clad Huntress looked at the front to see Silba talking to Junior and the Malachite twins, more successful with the man than the girls. “This entire time, he was lying so he could make this man indebted to him with our imprisonment. He even doing this to take out rogue members of the White Fang.”
When the speaker didn’t hear an answer, she looked at her teammate to see the rare sight of a downcast expression. “Yulon, are you alright?”
The teenager sadly shook her head. “I’m such a fool. I should have known better than to trust a sworn enemy. This is inexcusable...I have failed you and my company.”
“It’s not over. We just have to find a way out.” Ragla grunted from a rifle hitting her bac
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Team SYRA Chapter 10: Silba's Tongue
Yulon was walking down one of the Vale's numerous streets on a typical, sunny day. Ragla was walking beside her in usual silence, glancing through the shops of the windows they passed.
"Ragla, are you alright?"
The red-clothed companion nodded without a verbal response. The young manager sighed, "That is a given. I understand your behavior, but it's hard to tell since your demeanor is not common amongst my groups."
Again, the redheaded teen nodded as she was aware of such dealings. She was also grateful that her teammate respected her for herself.
"And thank you for coming with me on this errand," continued Yulon. "I prefer company when I'm visiting somewhere unfamiliar, although I would have been able to do so if it was necessary. Perhaps I'm more worried about what happened with Amy and Sapphyre; I wouldn't want to be misled into a side-adventure."
Ragla shook her head and broke trend with the words, "It's nothing to be ashamed of. After all, we're teammates."
The word
:iconschattenman005:schattenman005 3 0
Team SYRA Chapter 9: All Hands Off Deck
“Someone, help. H-help me.”    
In a large room full of cargo boxes, Paprika was hiding behind one, hoping her pursuer would give up or the others would come help. Those hopes were dashed when she heard footsteps enter the room.
Fearing what’s to come, the Faunus had her knees come up to her chest before she set her head down on them while whispering, “Someone, anyone...Huang, help.”
“You called me?”
Paprika looked up to see the boy looking down at her from the top of a box. At first happy, she then became confused.
“H-Huang?! What are you doing here? W-where did that bad man go?”
“He went to a different room down the hall. It’s a lucky break, so let’s go while he’s busy scratching his butt.”
The boy jumped down and tried to take the Faunus’s hand, but he missed when it was pulled away. “Parika?”
“I-I don’t k
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Team SYRA Chapter 8: Boarding Party
Today was a peaceful day in Vale. There was no conflict, no crime, and in recent events, no Torchwick to terrorize the Dust stores. Amy was thinking of this too as she was standing outside a club with its owner.
“Thanks for having me over, Junior.”
“The thanks should go out to you. It was generous of you to sing for the customers...okay, it was nice to even have some with your help.”
“Well, your place is in a pretty shady spot; it’s a perfect time to get some night walkers to come and get a show and a meal.”
“Yeah...yeah, why didn’t I think of that? I think I’ll start a happy hour during the daytime too. You’ll...come if I ever need some talent again, right?”
The singer smiled as she did a little twirl. “Of course! But make sure you set up a good time. I have some classes at Beacon to attend.”
“Beacon, huh? Word around here is that goes there. you know anyone like that?”
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Team SYRA Chapter 7: Immature Maturity
A crack of lightning came from Team Sierra’s dorm.
“Unbelievable! I cannot believe you would do this to me!”
Bursting through the door was Yulon, covered in mayonnaise and lettuce. She marched towards the bathroom while  Amy quickly followed her.
“Yolo, wait! I didn’t know the Dust piece was that strong!”
“And you just happen to have it in your hand to transfer the jolt that threw me backwards?!”
“Well, yeah, I go ‘buzz’ ‘buzz.’ Didn’t I tell you that?” When Yulon moved faster, Amy corrected with, “Okay, okay, hold your Boarbatusks. I need to show you something important.”
When the manager turned while expecting an apology, she instead saw a broken tomato get squished onto her nose.
“See? Now you are Saphy’s lunch.” The singer ducked from the tomato thrown by the manager resuming her march to the restroom. Sighing, Amy came back to the dorm to see Sapphyre cleani
:iconschattenman005:schattenman005 4 0
Team SYRA Chapter 6: To Each Their Own
“C’mere freak!”
Ecru, in his uniform, ran up a tall tree outside of the school. Running after him was Cardin and his team, angry for what happened earlier.
“Get down here! You’re going to pay for making me drop my lunch!”
The squirrel Faunus moaned as he remembered accidentally  bumping into Cardin. The frenzy began from Lapis tidying his uniform, if not the robotic hands that tried to hold him in place.
“You can’t stay up there forever! There’s nowhere left for you to-.”
White acorns hit the heads of Cardin and his teammates. Annoyed, the leader exclaimed, “That’s it! Guys, we’re taking this tree down! What the?!”
The acorns unleashed white smoke. While Team CRDN was coughing from the rough vapor, Ecru came down and booked it towards a building. When he heard someone shout out profanities, he turned his head to see his pursuers charging at him with nostrils flaring.
:iconschattenman005:schattenman005 4 0
Team SYRA Chapter 5: Conflicting Settlements
“Beryllius Bluebuster; Ecru Squall; Rox Stonehenge; and Tzuli, Lapis. The four of you retrieved the white bishop pieces. From this day forth, you will all work together as...Team Beryl. Led by, Beryllius Bluebuster.”
While the word, BERL, appeared on the overhead screen, the blue-haired gunman smiled as he saw Lapis nod at him while Rox shot him a thumbs up. Ecru tried to congratulate his new leader, but his partner grabbed his neck in a choking hold while cheering with the crowd’s clapping.
Dismissed by Ozpin, the four boys left the stage and passed by Yulon and her teammates. The young manager glanced at Barrel, who greeted both Sapphyre and Ragla on his way down. She also heard him mention that he thinks the archer is going to become the team leader.
Yulon didn’t care who was the leader; she expects only perfection from herself at this point. And even if they are on different teams, the young manager didn’t see why she couldn’t hang out with the b
:iconschattenman005:schattenman005 5 1
Team SYRA Chapter 4: Locked onto Victory
“Hey Lapis, shouldn’t we keep going until we make it to the ruins?”
Barrel stood near his partner, who was busy writing marks on the ground he sat on with his six robotic and two real hands. Raising one finger, Lapis said, “I’m trying to predict how the team selections will go, which therefore calls for rigorous planning. Now, if the headmaster is using the chess pieces for scenarios two to thirteen, then-.” 
“Whoa, hold up Lapis. There’s no need to use so much brain power for this kind of thing. We should just go with the flow.”
“Go...with...the flow?” Using two robotic arms to stand upright, the tactician slowly moved towards the gunman. “Barrel, as the future tactician of this team, it is my job to understand the flow and bend it into a favorable situation for us.” 
“Like ‘turning the tides of the battle’ kind of thing?”
“Exactly! As you understand, I must tel
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Team SYRA Chapter 3: Grand Formula for Four
Outside with feet planted on a launcher, Yulon stood at attention, waiting patiently for the initiation to begin. After checking her weapons, she noticed a familiar figure walk by her position.
“Ms. Schnee, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”
The heiress stopped and turned to the manager. “Oh...Y-yes, same here, but you can just call me Weiss. I’m surprised to see that you of all people are here, Yulon. It’s been a while since we last met at that conference.”
The manager smiled as she clearly remembered that clandestine event. Although they didn’t have a chance to mingle, they’ve at least done their introductions. “It has been a long time. I’m not surprised to see that someone of your caliber coming to this school. This may be a little rushed, but would you consider being partners, no less on the same team together?”
“What a coincidence. I have just given Pyrrha the same invitation. Having you as another membe
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Team SYRA Chapter 2: Making Contact
“ this is Beacon.”
Sapphyre stood on the huge stone walkway that many of her age used to walk forward. The destination stood tall in front, multiple buildings making up the prestigious school, Beacon Academy.
The archer was excited, yet terrified of what the future holds ahead of her. Pressing forward, she managed to avoid walking into people while marveling at the tall buildings around her. This streak didn’t last for long as an unknown person suddenly came in her way.
Bumping into him, she grunted, “Oof! Oh, sorry. I’m really sorry, are you-?”
Suddenly, a machine gun fell to the ground. When it landed, it widly spun and shot out sizzling bullets of light. As it slowly stopped, everyone within the vicinity peeked out of their cover.
The same person Sapphyre bumped into came out to pick up the gun. “Whoops,” said a male voice. “I forgot to put on the safety. Sorry everyone, I’ll be more careful next time.”
:iconschattenman005:schattenman005 5 0
Team SYRA Chapter 1: The Sky's the Limit
Walking down the streets of Vale on a cloudy day, a tan-skinned teenager with flowing brown hair was finishing a pizza crust with one hand while the other held a black box. When the girl turned around a corner of a building, a blast of wind suddenly hit her body, making her blue blouse and skirt wildly flutter in the wind. Her archery gear behind her back also rustled.
Right as the wind died down, the pedestrian opened her closed eyes to see a marble roll up to her feet. After she stopped it with one foot, she looked up to see a young boy with blonde hair approach her. Swallowing down the food in her mouth, she said, “This is yours, right? Try to be more careful next time. Having this on the street can hurt someone if you-.”
She never had the chance to finish as the stranger suddenly ran faster and tackled his smaller body into the girl’s mid-section. She fell backwards as the marble made her trip while her other foot was lifted into the air by the tackle. Landing wit
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Edwin Jun
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United States
Writer for Wattpad, Fanfiction, and several Deviantartists.
3D user for Blender

I also do 3D commissions.
Payments are mostly through Paypal:
Hey everyone. Had another great story cover for another book in progress.…

This is made by another artists, Reef1600. Please check out her works as her skills made this awesome piece.

Real Cover by schattenman005


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